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Futures Trading Course Reveals the Secrets That Turned $20K into $847,187.00 in 12 Months

Futures-Investor has been online since November 1999. We have proved our knowledge of commodity futures trading by providing real-time market forecasts in front of dozens of subscribers that turned a hypothetical $20K into $847,187.00 in the year 2000. In 2003, we published the Canadian forex trading ideas in a 500-page course that originally sold for $2,000 per copy to a close knit community of thirty futures traders. Some out-takes of this course are available on this website along with tons of information to help you successfully trade commodity futures.

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Course Extracts and Free Samples

Technical Analysis - Elliott Wave, Gann and Chart Patterns: This article describes how two of the greatest chart technicians noticed the same patterns in the markets.

Elliott Wave Introduction: Learn the basic rules of Elliott Wave Principle including: the basic wave structure, laws and rules of the Elliott Wave trading system.

Secrets of Price Bars: Another part of our trading course available to read FREE online! Describes how the shape of individual price bars can provide evidence of market reversals or continuations of trends that can help improve your trading system.

Fibonacci Number Sequence: Learn about Leonardo Fibonacci de Pisa, the 12th Century mathematician.

Market Cycles and Fibonacci: Discover the amazing Fibonacci sequence of numbers occurring throughout nature, and why it is logical that Fibonacci cycles exist in the stock/commodity markets.

The ideas shown in the course are also being offered as forex trading UK signals through our other website.

Other Online Futures Trading Articles

Futures Trading Insights

Experiences and insightful stories from futures trader Malcolm Robinson.

Futures Trading Introduction

If you're new to the exciting world of futures and commodity trading, this is the place to start. Acclaimed by many as one of the best beginner's guides on the Internet.

How to Start Futures Trading

Tips on how to set up a trading account; How to choose a futures contract; Different types of orders; How to place your first trade.

Trading Alternatives

Exciting as futures trading is, it can require considerable investment to trade the major contracts. Here is a discussion about smaller contracts that those with limited funds can use, such as Financial Spread Betting and Options on Futures.

Stock Market Crash

Only months after the major stock market top in April 2000, I wrote to my subscribers explaining why I thought that the US market's bull trend had ended, and that we would see massive declines of up to 90% on some stocks. This article is now available to the public for the first time.

Elliott Wave Principle

This is an explanation of Elliott Wave Principle by Robert Prechter. The text is taken from one of EWI’s most popular titles, Prechter’s Perspective.

How to Choose a Futures Broker

Should you open a full-service, broker-assisted account, or save commission fees with an online or discount brokerage? What is an Introducing Broker? What are managed futures? How much do you need to open a trading account? Answers here!

Managed Futures Trading

How do managed futures work? Why you should consider diversifying into managed futures. You will also learn how futures trading platforms differ from the cfd trading platforms.

Futures Markets

A list of the larger futures and commodity markets that most traders follow. Includes: Contract sizes, ticker symbols, dollars-per-point, etc.

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